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 Right Time To Hang Your Boots; A Career Perspective -II

In our last article, We saw the various challenges faced by military officers at the time of transition; challenges at the career front and personnel front. Click here to read the article. In this article , we will see which all parameters can help these leaders in finding the right time for career switch from military to civil.

While some short service commission officers serve for minimum period of 10  years  and thereafter  call it  a day, many decide to continue till 20 years or ever further. Similarly, Though many regular officers decide to quit immediately after they reckon 20 years of pensionable service  and enter the corporate  environment,
there are many who continue even in re-employment roles in forces.  If you leave too late, in your 50s, The corporate sector may not offer you senior management positions, which you deserve. On the other hand, if you are a SS officer and you leave after  10 years, you may not get well paid opportunities until you do MBA from a top b-school, an option which is worth the Return –On-Investment( ROI). The question that “whether the decision to leave at 10 years is correct or to leave after re-employment is right” cannot be answered generally and is purely a case to case based decision, which depends entirely upon individual personality, preferences, job satisfaction, education, family and financial responsibilities, and  health issues.

 Having seen that there are many general points which are applicable to most of the officers and which require due diligence before taking the call for alternate career. Transitioning from the organized military life to corporate blues is not a decision that one can  take on a fine morning over a cup of tea. It’s one of the most important decision of one’s career and thus demands a lot of analysis, contemplation, thinking and rethinking,  planning and preparation on an individual’s part. Neither it is based on one single factor or another; rather the right time of career switch will be an ideal combination of a number of circumstances that affect your life at larger level. Let’s have a look at the factors which we need to consider while taking the decision.

Career Options
Since we are taking a call about moving from one career to another , it’s important to consider  at which juncture you are standing in your present career, what are your chances of career progression,  if a wait of a year or two in your present career will clear the hazy picture about progression in your present career,  or you find yourself at the crossroads where it’s mandatory to decide whether to stay or move.  If you have been superseded ,you know that future promotions aren’t going to be on your way anymore, and you are not drawing the job satisfaction that you used to draw earlier, It would be wiser and logical  to take the call to hang your uniform  provided there are no major issues such as those mentioned down below. An individual is the best judge of one’s capabilities and, after due deliberation, if one feels that he or she will be a misfit in business world, the better option would be to keep donning the uniform with pride. At the career level, The decision to stay or move out will be based on individual preferences, his or her career progression/growth in the present career or the lack of it, job satisfaction , and individual’s personality.

Family and Financial Responsibilities
Family issues play a major role in our decision making and when the members of the family are themselves at the crucial junctures, the decision to change career becomes even more difficult. If your spouse is at the initial settling down of  her career, or if your kids need to stay at their present location and relocation may have a major impact on their future or if your financial liabilities don’t allow you for a career change for a year or two, then you must take those circumstances in to account while analyzing the decision. If you feel that after two years you are likely to have some major commitments  on personnel  front  and you feel like taking the plunge now, go ahead and take the call. After all it’s one life and you must chase your dream if you have one in corporate or in entrepreneurship. However, if you’re fine and comfortable at both family and financial front, you've completed 20 years of pensionable service and you are willing to take on a challenging task in corporate, you must consider transition immediately rather than a few years later. Why? As I mentioned earlier, age is a major issue for veterans retiring in their 40s and 50s. If you want to reach high in corporate and on the financial aspects , the advantage of pension makes you comfortable, having no other major issues , it’s wiser to take the call early as this way you would be easily absorbed in corporate. Also, It’s pertinent to mention that  the chances of growth increases many folds with a regular MBA degree or an executive MBA from top b-school.

Career Options Outside and Your level of Preparation
There are times when one  knows that after a couple of years  he or she will not have  any choice but to find alternate career. Similarly, those who have decided to leave forces and they still have a few years to go, it is very important to understand the  challenges involved in transition from military to corporate and to see how best they can prepare for a seamless transition into civil.  Thus the right time will also depend upon the level of preparation that one has at the time of leaving forces. If you have brainstormed your next career path well and have kitted yourself with the munitions required to excel in your choice of field, There would be no stopping for you. Suppose  you have decided to do an MBA and you have option to be on extension for some more time, it would make sense to take the extension, clear GMAT, and write essays while still in active service.  Of course, one would be required to make certain arrangements but if planned properly and well executed, these arrangements will turn out to be career boosters for your good.

While there would be a number of issues for consideration such as health issues, or  disabilities, or many other, The above mentioned issues will most probably figure in most of ours life and thus takes priority over others. Even at the sake of repetition, It’s worth mentioning that evaluating the pros and cons, and exploring the options fully or even seeking career counseling will help a long way in arriving at a logical conclusion about the ideal time for transition.

Finding the right time to change career will not only remove the unwanted stress but it will also help you in planning your career post retirement in a much planned and organized manner. Soon we will present a time plan for transition which can help you in planning your transition in a much better way. How did you find the article? Do leave your comments down below to let us know  your views on the same.

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A Month Of Launch Of M2C: The Journey So Far

It’s been a month since we have launched Military To Corporate-M2C and we convey our heartfelt thanks to all the military leaders, serving or retired, their families, and the gentry in civil  who have overwhelmingly supported us in the first month of this unique concept, which is conceived to mitigate the career related problems faced by Indian military leaders during career transition. Since certain serious and  glaring issue are highlighted in this article, We would request you all to read this blog till the very end, forward this to every military leader, and also leave your comments/suggestions  down below in the comments box.

You all would agree with us  that till now there was no such platform existed in our country which could show the right path to retiring military leaders and also sensitize the corporate environment about the business value of military skills. On the one hand,  Most of the retiring officers are  generally  unaware on which career to choose, how to translate military skills into business terms,  how to do job hunt, which industry to choose, how to network and so many other issue and  On the other hand, Indian corporate sector is unaware of the business advantages of hiring military veterans. Most of the HR recruiters think that our best talent lies in security field and thus we are traditionally suited for security related jobs only.

Before we discuss with you about the challenges envisaged by M2C, we want to inform you that the results that we look forward to happening in the future in our country would be similar to click here and click here.  Of-course the  social system in  U.S is different from that of ours and in our country military is remembered only when the security of the countrymen is threatened, however  that doesn't stop us from fighting for our cause, the cause of veterans’ career .

Knowing the camaraderie, espirit-de-corps, and brotherhood that we have for each other, We assume that all of us, retiring or retired, would be interested in taking this cause forward even if one is not affected personally .  Having seen the end result of this cause above, Let’s have a look at the three big challenges:-

Challenge I - Creating Awareness Among Recruiters
Though Corporate India regards, and respects the sacrifice of our military leaders, It doesn't provide adequate opportunities in terms of job. There is a gap or a lack of awareness about the skills of military leaders and  the corporate relevance of these skills. Recently we conducted a few interviews of the shortlisted candidates with a few corporate clients and the lack of awareness among the HR recruiters was self-evident during the process. Hence, A big challenge is  to sensitize the Indian Corporate Sector about the strong business advantages of hiring veterans. While M2C is doing it’s best to create awareness, however the best results will only come if each one of you join us in doing so.

Challenge II - Empowering Retiring/Retired Military Veterans
Military leaders have all the qualities to be successful in the corporate arena, however they face numerous difficulties during their career transition including how to translate skills, career dilemma as to which career to choose , and  which industry to choose( click here) . M2C has taken on this challenge to provide the right transition advice, and resources to help them in finding the best possible career path. Through our transition related articles on blog, and website, We are already empowering the military community about the transition. Soon M2C will be posting valuable tips on resume writing, Interview, career transition,  certification courses, MBA and GMAT prep, and job hunting, all free of cost, with the aim to further empower the military leaders and pitch them high in corporate environment. M2C expects the military community to generously share these links with each other especially with those who are about to retire. 

Challenge III – Generating Career Opportunities For Veterans
If we are able to create awareness among the recruiters and if our veterans are empowered with business knowledge( MBA and certification courses) and adequately kitted with arsenals required to succeed in the corporate environment, It would be much easier for M2C to find job opportunities for our veterans. Here we  seek support of all our veterans who are well established in corporate and are in senior management roles to come ahead and introduce M2C to the recruiters and management in your company. While M2C has  made it’s  presence felt among the military community; It can  reach deep into corporate only with a helping hand from your side. You may adopt any method such as giving us contact details of recruiters so that we can send presentations to them or forwarding our details or presentations such as this one  to them. This way we all together would be able to help other members of this big fraternity in their career needs.

The Road Ahead
 “The Team M2C” with the support of our strong community  is committed to the cause of our veterans and we will make sure that every veteran gets a respectable job opportunity in the times to come.  Therefore, I request all of you reading this to take out some precious time of yours and do the following actions for the benefit of all :-

Forward this article and under mentioned links to retired/retiring/serving military officers and their families in your contacts on all online/offline platforms.

Follow us on the M2C’s platforms, which are  mentioned below, and take active part including suggestions/feedback  ( They are really valuable).

Spread awareness about the “  Advantages of Hiring Veterans” and other related awareness issues posted by us  with your HR/Senior Managements. Let M2C  know the contacts of HR recruiters in your company  or you yourself forward our presentations/articles to them.

Strive to prove yourself in whichever role/position you’re in corporate world, cementing reasons for business community to hire military veterans and making solid grounds that why the next hire in your company should be a military veteran.

Whether you were/are  in Air force, Army, or Navy, Our shared values ( incl brotherhood and camaraderie)  of our military profession serve as a precursor for instantaneous acquaintance and mutual trust, leading to unconditional help for each other.  “The Team M2C” feels that the present state of our camaraderie in corporate will set course of action for future veterans. Let’s all join hands together for our very own cause and let’s prove that we are  together whether in fatigues or in corporate blues. As mentioned above, Here are the links, do share with others especially with those having defense background  for the cause of veterans.

Visit our Website

 We thank all of you for your overwhelming support in last one month and also for reading this long article. We look forward to continuous support in the days to come as together we can help our veterans in finding a respectable career post retirement.


    Right Time to Hang your boots :A Career Perspective-I

Military officers lead a well planned and organised life during their active service in defence forces. From planning a routine sortie in Air force and   discharging duty officer’s  responsibility  while the ship is on board in Navy to leading a patrol in Army, Military officers carry out meticulous planning keeping the minutest of details in mind. However, They find themselves at crossroads when it comes to decide the ideal time for them to hang their boots. If one decides to leave too early , he or She won’t be able to gain the exposure and military skills  that are relevant in the corporate world and if one retires too late, it would be difficult to invite a good career opportunity at senior management level . Exceptions can always be there, however, being exceptions, they are only a few percentage of the whole bunch ,so here we will focus on the general part of the whole issue.

Before we dig deep about the right time to retire with career perspective in mind, let us first see what all are the challenges involved in finding a job at the time of retirement:-

(a)     Finding a suitable job that matches the skills and other requirements, such as finances, education of children, and place of residence, generally remains the biggest challenge while entering in the corporate world .

(b)    Lack of awareness about which all soft skills they have, how to transfer military skills to corporate terminology,which is the right career path, whether to do an MBA or some other professional certification, how to prepare job grabbing resumes,  how to search for job opportunities and many other similar career related issues.

(c )    Fear of unknown in terms of corporate culture and whether they will be able to fit from formal military culture to less formal corporate culture.

(d)     Inability to let go the ‘rank’ syndrome; Some are unable to dust off the rigid approach.

(e)      Some more face health challenges and physical disability and thus need time to attend to their health and hence transition becomes more challenging  for them.

(f)      Lack of quality assistance from the Indian Govt and no benefits for  veterans in terms of  funding for MBA and related studies  and tax exemptions to employers if they  recruit veterans especially disabled ones. The six  months management  course being run for long is a decent platform but yet to mark their presence among the  HR recruiters. Also, Lack if interest on part of govt to include the career needs of veterans as part of CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility).

(g)    Lack of awareness on part of HR recruiters about the military skills and their corresponding translation(relevance) in the corporate world.

(j)    Current economic situation.

(k)   Competition for job with civilian work force who have been in the corporate street longer than them.

(m)    Lack of technical education( hard skills or work content skills).

(o)    Limited funds to pursue a new venture of own.

Some other challenges are listed here, click here . While these are the various challenges faced by the military officers in their job search, there are many other personnel challenges that add to the complexity at the time of transition.Some of them are:-

(a)    Inability to visualize beyond military life; lack of vision for civil life.

(b)    Not feeling ready for transition especially among  those serving/served in combat arms as compared to those who serving/served in technical arms; a pattern attributable to lack of technical expertise of a specific field and hence lack of self-confidence.

(c)     Challenges in relating to family life and civil people or in  re-accustom  to civilian culture and social life.

(e)      Lack of administration support.

(f)       Relocation and other family related issues/Misc issues.

Having seen the numerous challenges faced by the veterans , we will see in our next article( Click here to read) as to how can the agony be reduced by choosing the right time to hang our boots. 
To know more about career transition, click here

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Importance of MBA for Women Officers

Women Officers: Do MBA, Fly High

An adventurous career for 5 or 10 years  in the armed forces has honed your   ( Women officers) leadership skills and elevated your professionalism to new untouched heights. The diverse roles played by you ranging from leading the troops in stressful situations, accomplishing mission oriented tasks, making important decision related to lives of humans, handling equipment worth crores of Rupees and doing management and administration duties across geographies have  transformed you into a mature leader; a rare class that may be even less than 0.1% of the total number of women in the country.  The unique officers-like-qualities(OLQs), such as leadership, Integrity, Initiative, and  cooperativeness,  ingrained in you right from academy days are the most sought after qualities in the business world and thus you are adequately kitted with the rare munitions required to make an impact in the business world.
We have adequately discussed the importance of an MBA degree for a military officer here. You are requested to read this article  before moving ahead on this one. Click here
While the need of  an MBA degree for military veterans is adequately highlighted , here we will  discuss “Why an MBA degree is more important for  women Officers”, highlighting the specific points that give edge to women officers over others. Here are the five compelling reasons for the women officers to pursue an  MBA degree:-

Most Wanted Leaders
 You were selected after the rigorous interview procedure lasting  over few days which includes the tough psychological tests, group tasks and interview; all  demanding a number of Officer like qualities. Having shortlisted a handful of you  out of thousands who appeared, Military  gave you the opportunity to lead and command troops, make strategic decisions and work in pressure situations. Business world is no different as you are required to work under pressure situations plan policies and make important decisions.
You are much different from your women counterparts in civil street and have an edge over them in terms of such qualities. The diversity  and versatility in you bring better solutions  to the business  problems.  You only lack business acumen that hinders your chances of a good opportunity initially and subsequent  faster  growth. An MBA degree can provide the much needed impetus to your corporate career  with a number of high ranked and well paid  opportunities . Military leadership skills when combined with business knowledge make you the most wanted leader in the outside world.

Lesser Explored Field
A few years prior,  military officers especially women officers used to dive straight into the corporate world without any business knowledge except doing a six-months course run by DGR  and were not exposed to  opportunities other than in administration role because of their lack of knowledge about  corporate dynamics and market turbulence. 
Recently,  Women officers, like their male counterparts, have realized the importance of an MBA degree and have started taking steps towards earning an MBA degree from top b-schools of India and abroad. There are a few women officers who started the GMAT preparation and the B-school short listing during the active service career only  in order to pursue a regular MBA/executive MBA degree immediately after retirement. 
While there are too few women leaders in the market, The field is yet new and open  and those taking the call early  will reap benefits more than those taking the call after a few years. Imagine a scenario wherein only one women candidate with  military profile applies to a top B-school such as Stanford, Wharton or IIM-A and other scenario wherein  five women  candidates of  military profiles apply to these schools. The chances of admission in the first scenario is more than those  in the second. Read this article by to know why it is great time for women candidates to pursue an MBA .click here  

Financial Help.                
Obtaining an MBA degree can be much cheaper than what you think.  While the tuition fee and the overall cost of an MBA degree may look daunting to you initially, you have probably not read about the huge scholarships that schools extend to the military veterans.   B-schools  encourage women candidates to pursue an MBA and when the women candidates happen to have military experience, the chances of getting a scholarship increases many folds. Also, There are many military friendly schools that extend these scholarships  to military candidates especially women. Thus you are eligible for scholarship in categories of both women and military.  The chances of obtaining an internship during your MBA degree are also good because of your vast leadership experience and professionalism. Thus financing an MBA may not be as difficult for you as it is seemed initially.

Ability to Handle Stress
During your stint with armed forces, you have worked in high stress environment under extreme pressure situations. Not only that you have handled the crisis but also that you made decisions that impacted the lives of the troops under your  commanded.   Such qualities come with lot of effort and refinement and they are equally preferred in the business world too. This is why banks, consulting firms, and program developers recruit women veterans at large rates from U.S business schools. The case is no different in India too,  however  we might be behind in terms of number of women officers taking the MBA route.

Odds of Getting Into Top B-School
Having seen the preference given to military candidates and more so to the women military officers,  You belong to the category of non-traditional applicants. The unmatchable diversity that you bring from  war-room to  classroom along with real life leadership experiences makes you one of the most sought after candidates in  top B-schools. Your chances of getting into the likes of Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, INSEAD or top Indian B-schools such as IIM-A or ISB are much brighter than most of the other candidates .
There are many other advantages of doing a regular full time MBA, however, knowing the family responsibilities and various other constrains,  the option of one year executive MBA program  can pay equally rich dividends especially if the elite program is from a reputed institute. While most of you go for the six-months management course immediately after your retirement, Those of you decided to spent another six months and follow  one year program can pitch you well ahead of your civilian counterparts. 
Women military  candidates with an MBA degree will enjoy maximum benefits post their MBA in terms of overwhelming opportunities with better career  positions, higher salaries and faster growth than their civilian counterparts as well as military counterparts who don’t do MBA.

To know more on the advantages of pursuing an MBA degree, click here
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How Military Leadership Correlates with Leadership in Business Environment

In business, Leadership plays a vital role in the progress or downfall of an organisation.  Leaders at all levels are responsible to lead the employees under them and get the task accomplish in the given time frame.  A successful Leadership involves the selection of right people and allocating the right task to them,  detailed and meticulous  planning, sincere execution on ground, maintaining correct time line, and detailed supervision including mid course corrections. This all revolves around the leader whose one of the top priority is to keep the motivation level of the team at the highest level through  out the task. The leader knows that if the team members work cohesively with every individual giving in 100% willingly, it would be much easier to meet even the impregnable targets with  in the  time limit. 

In forces, a  lot of emphasis is laid on human capital especially on  shaping the minds of military leaders. During the selection process for officers,  Psychological tests are conducted to check if the candidate has officers like qualities of which leadership is an important part. Once the selected candidates join at  a very early age( 18-22), the training  curriculum gives top most priority to building and enhancing  leaderships in the minds of these young gentlemen and lady cadets,  keeping in mind  the end result that these young leaders should be capable of leading 100 plus men in a battlefield scenario .Once commissioned after successful completion of training,  These young officers are taking decisions related to life of the men under command , employment of equipment worth billions, and, most importantly, safeguard of national interest. Handling such enormous responsibilities in early 20s, Young military officers gain much more real life  leadership experience than their civilian counterparts, who at that age were either completing their studies or taking the first step towards their career.

A military officer is tasked with numerous mission oriented tasks through out his or her career wherein one has to lead a team and accomplish the given task in the allotted time frame.  These tasks are arduous in nature complex with difficult terrain, limited resources, harsh weather, limited time, ambiguity, and danger of enemy. In such harsh conditions and trying circumstances , An officer is not only responsible to plan effectively but also accountable  to take charge of its team and steer them  towards victory regardless of opposition, stopping only once the mission is completed.

  Having such vast experience of leading diverse troops in the face of danger and making decisions in hazy and ambiguous situations, Military officers bring unique experiences  as they transition  from war rooms to board rooms.   This enormous military  leadership experience when  enters into business world makes a win-win combination for the companies hiring them.
If you want to hire retired military officers of Indian Armed forces, you may write to us at . To know more about the benefits of hiring veterans, check out the following resources:-

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Serve The Nation-->Hang Combats-->Translate Experience-->Wear Corporate Blues

Translation of Military Experience Into  Business Relevance

In this article, we will understand how the translation of military experience into business relevance takes  place.  Military professionals generally have strong leadership experience that is valued a lot in the civilian  environment. At the same time, the  recruiters face the  difficulty in finding a pool of strong leaders outside.  However, when  the corporate recruiters evaluate the military resume, much is lost in the translation.

 All military professionals have certain qualities on the basis of which they are selected for armed forces and are  thus common to all. These qualities are optimally utilized by them while discharging their active duties.  Military veterans generally use the military way to express their skills which HR recruiters find difficult to  translate and understand. Though these veterans are highly skilled , still they don't get the right opportunity  post retirement. The translation chart mentioned below will help in bridging the gap between military  veterans and corporate recruiters. 

    Military Experience
                   Relevance In  Corporate
Team Leader & Commanding Troops
Capable of handling Big Teams Successfully  
Cohesiveness among Team Members
Ensuring Committed and Motivated Team
Excellent Administration Skills
Achieving High Productivity
Man & Resource Management
HR/ Right man- Right place-Right time
Rightful use of Resources/Limit  Expenditures
Operational Planning  & Analysis
Ability to plan a new Proposal
Capable of Assessment/formulation of a Business Plan
Can Assess competition in market and bring Smart Advantages

Ability to think Big/ Strategic Roles/Business Developers
Bringing Effective Business Solutions to Complex Problems
Flexibility and Adaptability to Changing Situations.
Standing Operating Procedures(SOPs)
Capable of Crafting Policies, Rules and Regulations
Promote Structured and Organised Approach

Crisis Management & Contingency Planning
Preventing Occurrence of Crisis by Planning  & Rehearsals
Well laid out Contingency Planning
Capable of handling Stressful and Complicated Situations

High Organisational Ability

Timely Completion of Challenging Tasks in a Cost Effective manner
Integrity and Loyalty
Keep Organisational goal above all/ Sacrifice Individual Ego
Ambassador of  Honesty culture
 Positive Working Environment
 High Retention Rate/Loyalty towards Company
Versatility and Diversity              
Can lead diverse profile Teams irrespective of Differences
Ability to  handle Diverse Problems with Maturity
Excellent Performance even when  Multitask-ed
Professional Counselling & Mentoring
Help in Developing new Leaders.
Healthy Relationship among Team Members.
Good at Mentoring

We hope that this comparison chart will help the military experienced professionals in understanding their business skills better and also help the Corporate recruiters in knowing the relevance of the tasks performed by military veterans during their military career. M2C is committed to sensitize and galvanize the Corporate India about the strong business case for hiring military veterans besides being a cause of patriotism.  The hiring of military experienced professionals have overwhelming benefits and this video amply highlights the business advantages of hiring military professionals.

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Start Of Second Innings; Listen To Your Heart

Start Of Second Innings; Listen To Your Heart     

 In our previous article, we have stressed on  the importance and value of choosing the right career. For those of you who have missed reading it, I recommend that you go through the previous article before proceeding further on this one. here is the link, The value of choosing the right career.

You got commissioned in forces at a very early age, mostly in early 20s, and most of you probably didn't exercise any other career option, accepting the very first career success. Now when it is time for your career transition, you have the lifetime opportunity to decide a career of your own choice. Ask yourself, What is that one thing that you love doing and you are good at? The answer lies with you, only you. Listen to your heart; you will never get this opportunity again. You have the requisite qualities and skills to achieve what you desire. Do you love communicating with people and provide solutions to their problems, much similar to the way consultants do or you like organising and coordinating events, much similar to an event manager?  Do you like adventure sports and want to take your interest further or you like the hospitality sector? Find out where your heart lies.

“Nothing is as satisfying as working on something that you loved and wanted throughout your life”    

Your best performance for long duration will only come when your mind and body are dedicated towards work and your interest level is at peak. Having served in forces for years, you can get the work done in the most challenging and trying circumstances. The dynamism and dedication separate you from the rest of the world. So sit, relax, and think “What is that one work that stimulates you the most”.  Imagine yourself in that position and see if you actually enjoy doing that work. Ask your spouse and close buddies. Don’t worry about the practicality of your plan. India is a fast developing nation where numerous sectors are running and many new are opening up. You will find one or more career in line with your specific interest, with what you like doing. You may also start up your own venture as per your liking.

 It is very important to understand that we are humans and not machines. So if we try to program our self as we do to machines, we may work and produce results for sometime but in the long run, we will degenerate and become unproductive. Moreover, working in an environment that you don’t like will not only affect your job satisfaction but also your health. Even if you are less paid initially for a job that you really like, you will be better off working there as you will work at your optimum potential, increasing your probability of faster promotions. Also, once you have gained adequate corporate experience in your first job, you will always have the option to switch to better paid jobs in similar field. Your selection of career to  become Consultant, Business developer, Investment banker, Event manager, Administrator or freelancer or even an entrepreneur must not be  dependent upon which opportunity is knocking your door first but on what you want to become.  In the end, we leave you with this golden line :-

         “Listen to your heart; There lies your dream”